The Joys of Discovery


Price: $9.99
Release Date: September 27th 2021
Genre: Card battling/Collecting/Adventure
Age Rating: 18+
Fetish Warning: Sex with fantasy beings (such as werewolves)



Adventure Awaits!
Take on the role of Harper, a half-elf woman living in the small town of Daemos. Explore the island of Limanos in this brand new adventure! Discover its many cities and even find a cave or two along the way. Locate helpful items hidden away that will boost and restore your strength.

Time to expand your collection!
Earn new cards or buy additional copies of the ones you already own to craft your own personalised and unique deck. What cards will you use to win? How many different decks will you bring to perfection? The possibilities for your decks are endless, you only have to be willing to take them.

Become the best Tharia player!
Challenge opponents to heated matches in the popular Tharia card game! Battle your opponents with your strongest cards straight away or keep them behind for an ambush. Balance the dangers to your own Health and Stamina with opportunities to reduce your opponent’s Health in masterful assaults. Plan carefully, for loosing all the cards in your hand carries a heavy penalty...

Uncover the island’s mysteries!
Men are going missing all over the island and it is up to you to stop it! But who or what could be behind this? Solve mysteries by gathering clues to reveal the fae creatures hidden among the regular crowd. At least one of them must have some answer for you, right?

And find some lewd scenes along the way...
Enjoy the high quality lewd card art present on many card earned in the game after you have received your fist 25-card starting deck. Challenge enough people and you might even end up in some lewd situations yourself (with both men and women). All lewd scenes are optional and can be skipped.