Futa Heroism


Price: $4.00
Release Date: January 6th 2023
Genre: Visual Novel
Age Rating: 18+
Fetish Warning: Futa (Girl with male genitals)



Step into the world of Lady Fantastica and her friends

Futa Heroism is the second ever Heroes of Eroticism side story. When Jane discovers an old, unpublished video game of her favorite franchise, a whole new world opens up for her.

Enter the lighthearted fictional world of Lady Fantastica and her friends as the up-and-coming hero Fiona Benton – known to the world as Lady Futanarica. Embrace the side of good or evil on your way to fighting villains and evil corporate overlords at the Super Duper Awesome Company alike.

Face the challenges that come with being a hero, from dealing with cute, but inept villains to handling corporate nonsense from those with the power to grant the copyrighted ‘super’ prefix to any hero or villain they like. And perhaps you will even find a solution to the biggest challenge of all… a pregnant girlfriend.

After being introduced to Sindy, the love of your life, by your mutual ex-girlfriend, she got pregnant the very first time you slept together. But such is life when your range of superpowers includes having an incredible cock. Now that Sindy’s pregnancy has reached the stage where sexual intercourse with your slightly-too-big penis becomes dangerous to the baby, only 2 solutions remain…

Finding the perfect girl to have a threesome with and persuading your girlfriend to train her butt to the point that anal sex will work as well as vaginal penetration once did! These tasks certainly will not be easy, but at least they will be fun. And the city won’t mind if you – from time to time – prioritize these vital tasks over protecting the citizens around you, right? You are sure they will understand.

Knowledge of the main Heroes of Eroticism series of games is not required to play this game. It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone experience. For those that have not yet reached Episode 4 of Heroes of Eroticism, spoilers can also be turned off if desired.