Futa Paradise


Price: $9.99
Release Date: August 26th 2022
Genre: Visual Novel/Simulation
Age Rating: 18+
Fetish Warning: Futa (Girl with male genitals)



Experience the first ever side story set in the Heroes of Eroticism universe, filled with tropical paradises, beach babes and some tough jobs ahead of you. Knowledge of the first episode of Heroes of Eroticism is advised, but not required.

The famed Paradiso Resort – a luxurious, tropical resort located right next to the beach – has seen many people come and go. And starting today, you will be one of them. Having been hired for your dream job, you happily agree to a first meeting with the woman in charge of the resort: the seemingly strict Madam Irene.

Try out the various jobs available at the resort and see which you enjoy the most. And nobody will mind if you stare at some of the guests’ chests and butts while you do them, right?

As you work, you might even run into a few girls that seem oddly interested in that mysterious penis of yours. Test the boundaries of what is appropriate between guest and employee. Perhaps you’ll even find true love along the way.