Heroes of Eroticism - Save Generators

The Heroes of Eroticism games have always supported the ability to import your choices from the previous chapter(s) into the latest one. But for that to be possible, you need to actually keep the save files of the chapters you have already played on your computer. This little tool I have created aims to solve at least part of that problem.

With these free tools, you can generate finished save files for New Beginnings (which allows you to import the choices you select into Episode 4 or Amorous Advances) and for Amorous Advances (to import into Episode 7). Simply launch one of these tools and you will be asked several questions in regards to the choices from previous episodes that you want to import to one of the supported episodes and packages. Simulating such a save file will take some time (perhaps 5 minutes), but it will allow you to import whatever choices you like without needing to have played through the previous episodes.

Please be aware that these save generators are only meant for save importing. You can import these save files into other episodes and bundle packages, but you cannot load them into the game itself. For example, the "New Beginnings" save generator tool will not create a save file that you can load into New Beginnings itself. It will only allow you to import those choices into games that accepts New Beginnings as a game to import choices from.

These tools are completely safe to use alongside any existing save files you might have from these games though. They will not override any of your save files (this includes your auto save files, which will not be overriden by these tools either).