The Heroes of Eroticism

Episode 1 - The New Generation

"Nearly 2 decades ago the world decided that the age of superheroes had to come to an end. Goldstar - the first ever powered individual and once a pillar of justice and all that is good – had shown his true colors during an insane attempt to crown himself Emperor of America. Only with the eradication of every single drop of super powered blood from the face of the planet was peace found again.

Until a year ago, that was. People with supernatural powers are emerging once again among the younger generation in what is being dubbed ‘the New Generation’. Unease is on the rise and the government has placed strict regulations in place to avoid the dangers that superpowers once represented."

Introducing Heroes of Eroticism, a game series about superpowers, romance and lust! Releasing as a series of episodes, with each new episode importing the choices made in the previous episodes.

You will be playing as Liam, one of the new superheroes of the New Generation. Raised by the wife of the man that eventually managed to take down Goldstar – for which he gave his life in the process – and being born on the exact day of Goldstar’s downfall, you are destined for either greatness or to repeat history by showing that powers should never emerge again.

Initially thinking that your set of powers is limited to driving away the madness that comes with each superpower and the ability to take away another’s powers temporarily, strange things soon start happening around you that lead to you to the conclusion that your powers might not be as simple as once thought...

Episode 2 - Discovery

Episode 3 - Renegade

























Episode 4 - The University

Episode 5 - Away From Home

Episode 6 - The Storm

Episode 7 - Goldstar

Episode 8 - The Truth

Episode 9 - The Closing Hours