Episode 1 - The New Generation


Price: $3.50
Release Date: July 22nd 2022
Genre: Visual Novel
Age Rating: 18+
Fetish Warning: -


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Experience the first episode in this journey of superpowers, romance and lust.

Nearly 2 decades ago the world decided that the age of superheroes had to come to an end. Goldstar - the first ever powered individual and once a pillar of justice and all that is good – had shown his true colors during an insane attempt to crown himself Emperor of America. Only with the eradication of every single drop of super powered blood from the face of the planet was peace found again.
Until a year ago, that was. People with supernatural powers are emerging once again among the younger generation in what is being dubbed ‘the New Generation’. Unease is on the rise and the government has placed strict regulations in place to avoid the dangers that superpowers once represented.

You – alongside the charming Jane and determined Alison – are part of this emerging New Generation. Not only that, but you were also raised by the very man that gave his life to take Goldstar down so many years ago.
Discover the secrets this enigmatic professor was hiding when you move back into your old childhood home – which was left abandoned under mysterious circumstances. Find love or just try to get a normal college experience at the prestigious Karsten University – despite the plentiful powered individuals attending its halls alongside you.
Will you use your strange and unique powers – even among your powered peers – to help people? Or will you let people come face to face with the danger you might one day become?